How I Implemented Digital Marketing at Revive Washing

David Moerman

How I Implemented Digital Marketing at Revive Washing

My name is David Moerman and I am the Founder & CEO at Revive Washing. I believe that marketing has been an important building block in our success and that you are never truly done marketing. You are either growing or dying, and keeping your marketing channels strong will increase the growth of your company.

Our Performance

This past year at my company, we spent approximately $30,000 on our marketing budget. This included technician uniforms, flyer printing, sign printing, graphic design, calling campaigns, and Facebook Ads.

Of that $30,000, roughly $2700 was put into Facebook Advertising. In return, we had a revenue of roughly $33,000. That's more than our entire marketing budget - achieved from just Facebook alone!

Amount spent and link clicks per ad set on a past campaign for Revive Washing Facebook Ads.

If you can dedicate time each week to your marketing efforts, only then will your business begin to grow. As Michael Gerber says in his book the E-Myth, “Work ON your business and not in your business.

With regards to a digital marketing strategy on Facebook, I have some suggestions here.

My Top 3 Tips for Facebook Ads

  • Work with an expert. You can waste a lot of money in ad spend if you do not know what you are doing. I hired David with Aurora and saw excellent results.
  • It’s not for everyone. If you are just starting up, I would suggest going with other organic marketing methods until you build up your company a bit. Other marketing methods include flyers, signs, and ranking on Google.
  • Follow up right away. You have to call the leads you get from your campaigns right away. If you do not, the prospect will forget about you and your conversion rate will not be as high.

Too many Home Service Business Owners get trapped working on the job site because they do not fully understand what business they are in. If you work in home services, you are really in the customer service business. At Revive Washing, we are running a customer service business and we just happen to wash windows and clean gutters.

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Online vs. Offline Marketing - Which Is Better?

Marketing really is a holistic effort. I believe in both an online and offline strategy. We are balanced with about a 50/50 spend on each side. This makes our business well rounded and not too invested in either one channel.

Digital is important in today's modern society, however we cannot forget that our prospects will crave human connection and not everyone today is on social media.

Finding that sweet spot in between offline and online is what it’s all about. I wish you nothing but success as you continue to focus on marketing to grow your business.

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About the Author

David Moerman is the Founder & CEO of Revive Washing. He is also the Home Service Business Coach, specializing in coaching home service business owners scale their business.