How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Home Service Business

A step-by-step guide

David Chudzinski

Getting Started

Many home service business owners already understand the grave impact reviews have on the performance of the business. Reviews, and word in mouth in general, does more for your business than anything you say about your company and/or services.

Why do you need reviews?

Beyond just the aesthetics of a page full of 5-star reviews of your company, there are some relevant reasons reviews are so important for your business. You may not be too concerned about review generation as of yet, and if you're not, it's time to rethink your local marketing strategy.

  • More leads. Eighty-eight percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Focus on more reviews, and the leads will follow.
  • Higher ranking. Google will rank your business higher when you generate consistent reviews. A review, as confirmed by Google, is an SEO ranking factor, which means it plays a role in optimizing your ranking on Google.
  • Lower costs and higher CTR. You do not have to pay anything to have someone leave a review. You also don't pay to reply to one. Reviews are essentially free advertising for your business. As the number and quality of reviews goes up, click-through-rate increases, leads increase, conversions increase, and more reviews are written. Thus begins a wonderful cycle.

What are the requirements for Google reviews?

Make sure to follow these steps before you can receive Google reviews for your business:

  • Read Google's policies. Familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service so you do not get in trouble down the road.
  • Make your business on Google Maps. This will now give your customers an opportunity to leave a review.
  • Verify your Google My Business (GMB). Once you verify it will give you access to control the listing you made. When you verify and make a Google My Business, you can then reply to reviews, add photos, accept leads, etc.

How do you get more Google reviews?

Now that you are well versed in the importance of Google reviews on your ranking, as well as how to get started, you need to follow these basic guidelines to get more reviews.

1. Get a Google Short Name

Once you verify your Google My Business, get a Google short name so your clients can easily access your business and leave you a review. This is found in your GMB under info. The link for your Google Business page should be:

If you want to send a link that opens a window to directly leave a review you can use:

2. Link to your reviews on your footer

Now that you have a review link generated, you can use it on your website. Provide a link to read or write a review for your clients and prospects on your website.

3. Include a Google review widget on your homepage

Implementing a Google review widget on your homepage will help with social proof. There are a variety of different widgets and/or plugins you can use. Here is a helpful article of some common widgets you can use.

4. Include your review link on mail-outs/door hangers

After you complete a job, you should be using 5-arounds to market to your client's neighbours. Also, send out thank-you cards to your past clients. Your 5-arounds as well as your thank-you cards should include the short link to easily leave a review.

5. Ask for a review in-person

The best time to ask for a review is when you have completed the job for the client and they first see the results of your work. It is then that they are most likely to leave you a review for your home service business on Google. Here are a few examples of the post-job ask:

  • "Thanks again for hiring our company. If you can leave a short review on Google and mention our names, it will let our boss know we're doing a good job."
  • "We're a small, local company. Leaving reviews on Google really helps grow our local business. We can send you a link to that if you want to leave us a review."
  • "Your feedback is really appreciated and we would also appreciate if you shared that in a sentence or two in a Google review."

If you have a door hanger with the link for the review, you can then hand them that.

6. Automate using NiceJob

All of these pointers have been fairly easy to implement and help your prospects and clients easily leave a review of your company. But the best way is to build a system around review generation. Michael E. Gerber once said,

"Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant.”

If there is something that needs systematizing, once it is implemented, it will free you up to work more ON your business. The same is true in generating reviews.

Fortunately, reputation management software such as NiceJob exists in order to help systemize this function.

NiceJob will sync to your client list on Jobber, Housecall Pro, ServiceMonster, or Markate. Once you close a job on your CRM, the review generation campaign will commence. The client will immediately be sent a link where they can choose to leave a review on any platform (10+ review channels to select from).

The campaign is customizable but has the ability to produce four separate messages. The campaign consists of, at most, one text message and three emails. The reason NiceJob works better than other review software is precisely because the timing of the messages is not customizable and it works.

Another key component of the software is the widgets you are able to include on your website. These widgets are designed for the purpose of showing prospects social proof. The first is the Stories widget, which shows the most recent reviews left of your company on all of your review platforms. This widget should most likely be embedded on a separate page of your website. The best part is, the website visitor will be able to keep scrolling and see review upon review ad nauseam, and these reviews will automatically be updated when a new one comes in.

The other important widget is called Engage. This little but mighty widget shows recent reviews and bookings in a little popup on the corner of your website. This further gives the website visitor social proof as they are browsing your website.


As you now know, reviews are paramount to the reputation and growth of your home service business. Get in the habit of doing what you can to generate more leads, especially on Google. Using a reputation management software like NiceJob will help you get up to 3x more reviews. Contact us if you need help setting that up.

About the Author

David Chudzinski is the founder of Aurora Marketing. When he is not serving clients, he is enjoying time with his wife, practicing jiu jitsu, leather crafting, or playing guitar. He calls beautiful British Columbia home.